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After 5 years it was time for self-reflection and thinking about our mission. The result is a refreshed brand that better represents our collective identity and values as an international creative studio.


Our era is about inclusiveness, responsibility and context. We all deserve to be heard and a place that reflects our voice.


This is what HD+VK is all about.



In a nutshell, Helge is a creative entrepreneur born in Amsterdam. In the last 16 years, he has been working on hospitality projects as a designer and project manager. He started HDVL in his backyard about ten years ago. He would like to bring his logical mindset to complex projects with a hands-on approach. He brags that he knows everybody in the hospitality industry in the Netherlands. New technologies and innovations amaze him to the core and make him very interested in the virtual world. 


Vahid likes to see the world as infinite in possibilities. Studying architecture led him to think that boundaries existed just in our mind, therefore he is driven to push the limits of, well, everything. He owned his own architectural office back in Iran. After years of working in a few creative offices in Amsterdam, he joined HDVL in 2017 and became the co-owner four years ago. If you invite him to your party, he will share with you all the artworks he made in the last few months.

senior designers & Partners

Helge Docters van Leeuwen

Senior Interior Designer & Partner

Vahid Kiumarsi

Senior Interior Designer & Partner

Interior designers

Silvia Fernandez de Alaiza

Interior Designer

Ramunė Dominyka Balžakaitė

Interior Designer

Eleonora Cappellacci

Interior Designer


Lotte Deenik

Project & Office Manager


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